Edge Has Your Smoke Out Info Right Here

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Edge gives us the 411 on the 2011 Smoke Out.

The Smoke Out is about choppers. It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil in an unheated shed to build a chopper they can call their own. Chops of all makes are featured, American, British, Japanese, everything. Click here for all the details.


Aeromach USA’s Cruisin’ Pegs

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Aeromach USA’s Cruisin’ Pegs are custom designed highway peg system that fit underneath your factory Harley-Davidson touring bike floorboards.

The Cruisin’ Pegs are built to reduce fatigue by providing an alternate foot location. And since the peg is beveled, your heel rests comfortably and secure on the peg.

No matter your size or inseam, Aeromach’s Cruisin’ Pegs are your answer to increased comfort in the saddle.

They are designed to mount to the underside of stock Harley Traditional or similar Indian floorboards. Continue reading ‘Aeromach USA’s Cruisin’ Pegs’

Aeromach Honda Flame Levers

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Honda line of 1300 cruisers… Levers for Sabre, Stateline and Interstate motorcycles. These look good and add a touch of personality to your ride.

Aeromach has built levers specific for Honda’s super clean low-slung in the saddle sleds. Each bike sports 1312cc liquid-cooled 52 degrees V-twin mils that delivers ultra-smooth power and hard-hitting torque.


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Bob Kay gets on the mic before the awards at the Ultimate Builder to get the 411 from Ron Finch on the state of custom bike building… Good stuff.

Get More Good Stuff at Bikernet Studio.

The radical differences from one creation to the next has enabled Finch to avoid the kind of “trademark style” that has emerged with many famous builders over a long career. Perhaps only one feature seems to be repeated again and again in his work, and this is the absence of a conventional fuel tank.

Areomach USA – Metric Dogbone Risers

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The Dog Bones adjust vertically and horizontally. They provide comfort by adjusting the handlebars to the ideal riding position. Move the clamp up or down the riser or move to the front or rear of the riser for more or less reach. Riser is threaded with a 1/2″-13 thread for installation on Springer front end or with your supplied hardware.


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The Smoke Out Long Road

Let's Hit the Road

Each year the core of the chopper world looks to the Long Road and Smoke Out with great anticipation. And since this annual event is fastly approaching, you need to get on the gas and start making plans now.

This year the Long Road kicks off in the Big Easy on Friday Night June 19th. The Long Road Riders are scheduled to meet at the most famous of the French Quarter streets, Bourbon Street. Even though Katrina played havoc with the city, it left the drinking establishments of the French Quarter unscathed. If you can’t have fun in New Orleans then you weren’t meant to throw a leg over a scoot.

Day 1: On The Long Road

Monday’s destination is Destin, Florida. To kick off the first leg, the Chopper Jockeys are scheduled for a Swamp Tour to meet up with alligators, hawks, egrets and other untamed wild life. Then back on the bikes and a spectacular 249 mile zip across the gulf coast. On the final leg of the day, bikes are loaded onto a ferry for a quick ride to Dolphin Island and then a run into State Park outside of Destin. Jimmy Buffet-style music is scheduled for the evening.

Make plans today…

Spectro & Brass Balls Bobbers

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Every Brass Balls Bobber & Chopper runs with Spectro Oil. Why? Quality, consistency and the ability to lubricate the engine.